Depositphotos_12025603_originalThere’s no question that business today is tough—and ever changing. And if you have clients in the electrical or lighting control business, you know they’re looking for help to succeed. More than anything, they are looking for information so that they can make informed decisions. On top of that, they are looking to do business with people they trust. 

What kind of information are they looking for? Some are looking for new products. Others want some analysis: What works and what doesn’t? Others need support in pulling the various pieces of an implementation together. 

It all comes down to one thing: Expertise.

That means individuals working in the electrical and lighting industry are looking for someone who understands the latest regulations that affect what they do. And they’re looking for someone who can help them come up with the best solutions. Sure, they want great products. Yes, they care about price (or more accurately, they care about value). But they’re not looking for someone who’s just trying to sell them something. They’re looking for someone they can trust to help them succeed. Those are the people with whom they want to do business. 

How can you be that kind of person? 

Demonstrate your expertise. Use your website to talk about the things that really matter to them. Talk about new regulations that will affect what they do. Talk about new products that are being developed—and how they will impact your customers. Give away some of your knowledge and expertise. 

How can you do that? Write blogs about those topics (and make sure your blog is tied to your website). Offer special reports. Host a forum on your site. Point people to case studies. Write your own revues of new products (or at least pass on helpful reviews from others). Make your website (and your company) the place where people return again and again for helpful information. 

Should you give everything away? Of course not. But provide enough information to be genuinely (and generally) helpful. If people want more, make sure you get their contact information first so that your sales team can follow up.

If that sounds a bit overwhelming, we can help! We’ve got programs to help you extend your expertise to potential clients so that they get the information they really want.

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