What-does-marketing-succcess-look-like-in-the-lighting-and-electircal-industryIf you’re involved in the lighting and electrical industry in Southern California, how do you define “marketing success”? Do you point to marketing plaques hanging on your office walls for “Best Brochure”? Do you create a special starburst button on your website that announces your website won the award for “Best Site of the Year” (and hope somebody notices it)?

Probably not.

Let’s face it: Winning marketing awards isn’t why you do marketing. The way you measure success in the lighting and energy industry is by results. And if your marketing efforts aren’t producing results, who cares about the plaques hanging on your office wall?

But what kind of results should you be looking for? How do you know if your marketing efforts are paying dividends? What are the metrics—the things you can actually measure to see if what you’re doing is worth the money you’re spending?

The good news is that if you have a website, it can provide you with all kinds of helpful information about how successful your efforts are—provided that it’s set up properly and you know what to look for. Here are a few of the key metrics that you should be monitoring.

  • Traffic: How many people (read that as “potential customers”) are visiting your website each day/week/month? If you’re not getting much traffic it’s going to be awfully hard to get your message out to potential clients.
  • Individual Page Views: It’s not enough to know that someone landed on your website. You need to know which pages they visited. If a page is popular, it lets you know that the information contained there is what people want to know. You can take advantage of that and create more of that kind of content.
  • Conversion: You can’t take website visits to the bank. As a matter of fact, you can’t even really market to them. You need to convert visitors to leads. What percentage of your visitors end up as qualified leads that you can contact?

This isn’t just theory. What you measure matters. We invite you to take a look at a case study from a manufacturer’s representative for lighting and energy control products. You’ll be able to see how this SOCAL business used their website—and how they were able to measure the impact of what they were doing.

What does success look like in the lighting and electrical industry? It looks like measurable results!

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