lightingIf you’re in the lighting and energy control business in Southern California (whether it’s residential or commercial) you may be making a common marketing mistake when it comes to promoting your business. It’s a subtle thing, but it’s a mistake a lot of businesses make. And if you can get around it, you can have a leg up on your competitors. 

Your SOCAL lighting and energy control business doesn’t really sell products. Sure, you carry an inventory of products and parts. And yes, you actually do sell those things. But when you think about it, that’s not really why your customers come to you. Homeowners and business owners don’t just walk into your facility and ask for the Latest products from Lutron, Juno, ERgo, or Eureka. What they’re after are solutions to their lighting or energy control issues. What they really want is your expertise.

What does that mean for the way you market your business? If your website is essentially an online catalog of products and parts, that doesn’t help homeowners or people designing and installing lighting systems all that much. Your customers can get parts from a lot of different sources. But if you can help them come up with the right solution—one that meets their specific needs—you’ve suddenly set yourself apart from the competition. 

Does your website simply list parts and prices—or do you talk about common lighting and energy problems and how they can be solved? Does your website show how your solutions helped other customers?

People want to deal with companies that have a proven track record and demonstrate that they know what they’re talking about. Your website is a great opportunity to show people that you know the business and that you’ve had experience solving problems.

Is it OK to talk about products and parts? Of course! But make sure the emphasis is on finding the right solution to a problem—not on pushing a particular product. To give you a “hands-on” look at what we’re talking about, take a look at a site we did for a local SOCAL business right here.

What are you really selling through your SOCAL lighting and energy control business? You’re selling solutions based on your expertise. That’s what will bring customers to your digital door—and into your business.

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