The Challenge

When asked about what they could do to gain more sales in the SoCal marketplace, AV Poles and Lighting decided to call on Performance Marketing, who specializes in marketing for the lighting and electrical field. 

First Things First:  Foundation

The first thing Performance Marketing does when meeting a new client is start with the basics. The foundations of marketing are an important facet that is overlooked. Using a system called "Foundation 360," all facets of a business climate are reviewed, including the types of clients (Personas), the competitors, the Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT analysis), and the buyer's journey. After a discussion focused on measurable goals, we review the "tools" used to support the sales team and the goals set forth.

After reviewing the tools used by AV Poles & Lighting, it was determined that the logo and website did not represent the company for its true brand identity. As a forward-thinking, fast-paced company, they needed a more sophisticated logo as well as a website technologically more advanced and provided a better user-experience.

As is common, the company founders were emotionally attached to the logo. The logo represented the roots of the company and so it was agreed that the logo concept would stay, but the designers would streamline the design and update the color scheme to reflect a more forward-thinking, innovative manufacturer that AV Poles truly was. The values remain the same as told by owner Matt Uhre, "Our values are consistency of quality and service, responsiveness to customers’ needs, integrity as the basis of our relationships, satisfaction in exceeding customers’ expectations, discipline to continuously improve the value of our products, and taking pride in our work."

Next:  Website Design

To rebrand AV Poles and Lighting, Performance Marketing did a complete overhaul on the company's website. Performance Marketing listened to the folks at AV Poles. The website design is carefully considered from a (UX) user-experience point of view. We take into account the overall experience of a person using the website, especially in terms of how simple or pleasing it is to use.

Although the design phase focuses on the visual flow to the website redesign, equally important is the back-end systems behind these designs that relay data and support the business processes. Performance Marketing worked through each feature and developed functionality according to AV Poles and Lighting's business needs and goals.

AV Poles and Lighting's Old Website:



The Result 

AV Poles and Lighting relaunched their website in April 2016 and have seen tremendous growth. The new website has showcased AV Poles as the innovative manufacturer that they truly are and it put them in a position to grow as a leader in their industry. Focusing on SEO, modern web design, and sophisticated site functionality has generated dramatic results.

Performance Marketing was able to take AV Poles and Lighting to the next level, allowing them to grow as a company and continue to stay on top in the lighting industry.

 AV Poles and Lighting's NEW Website and Logo:



Let Us Help! 

Performance Marketing can assist you in upgrading your online presence, from social media to website and beyond. For a free 30-minute consultation, please fill out the form below and submit. We will be in touch shortly! 

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