If you want your electrical or lighting company to thrive you’ve got to be good at more than just installation or product knowledge. You’ve got to get potential customers to come to you—and that takes more than just printing up a nice brochure.

Want-Customers-But what if you’re not a marketing person? What if your emphasis is energy control? What if you’re a general contractor, or an energy control company? What if you’re an electrical contractor, or a building contractor? What does it take to get in front of your prospective audience—and get them to come to you? Here are some of the essential elements.

  • A Specific and Strategic Marketing Plan: The way people do business today has changed. A simple ad in the Yellow pages or a beautiful brochure won’t get you the results you need. You need a plan that includes all of the tools at your disposal.
  • An Effective Website: Your website should be the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. That’s where your customers are going today to get information before they buy. Is your website generating leads?
  • A System for Converting Visitors into Customers: It’s not enough to have a nice looking website. Your site should be working for you to turn visitors into qualified leads and then into customers with compelling offers and calls to action.
  • Measurement Capability: Simply engaging in marketing activities isn’t enough. You need to be able to measure your results so that you can do more of the things that work—and cut out the activities that don’t produce results. 

Whether you have an in-house marketing department that handles your needs, or use an outside agency, these are critical components you need to have in place in order to see the kind of success you want. 

If you’d like to see an example of how this works, please check out this free case study of how a lighting and electrical company used these components to achieve huge, measureable success in just six months.

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