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Benefits of Outsourcing to Performance Marketing

Posted by Natalie Young

Aug 29, 2018 2:13:43 PM


Effective marketing requires a wide range of expertise. The ideal marketing team includes; strategists, analysts, product specialists, brand managers, communications professionals, event organizers, SEO specialists, search specialists, marketing automation specialists, copywriters, creatives –the list goes on and on. Hiring a large enough staff to cover all bases isn’t often feasible, and it’s expensive even when it is. Given the rapid technology changes of our era, even the best in-house team can fall behind as new areas of expertise become necessary. Finding and maintaining a marketing staff with the right expertise at the right cost point is very difficult.

Speed To Market

Time is, quite literally, money. In today’s hyper-competitive market climate, businesses can’t afford to waste time when an opportunity arises. With a larger team and library of resources, Performance Marketing can produce deliverables faster than an in-house team. The gap in speed to market between in-house and outsourced teams is especially large when pursuing a new model of marketing that your in-house team may be unfamiliar with.


The fixed payments of outsourcing may appear to be more expensive at the onset, but the money saved is almost always higher. Fixed costs in people, technology, and facilities often account for the largest portion of a marketing budget. The assembly of a modest in-house department is an investment that easily stretches into six figures. It also creates an area of year-round overhead –including retirement benefits, health insurance, vacation pay, etc. –that becomes an immovable, fixed expense. Finding competent executives with the right expertise also takes time and money. Outsourcing will save you both.


Markets are constantly changing in today’s fast-paced world, and you don’t want to be the business left behind. Companies need the strategic and organizational mobility to shift gears at a moment’s notice, and outsourcing allows you to have an instantly prepared and specialized team available whenever a shift requires adapting your marketing strategy. It also enables your company to explore new approaches without a long-term commitment.

Industry Experience and Cross-Industry Experience

Performance Marketing has a staff that possesses the best of both worlds: Our staff has many years of experience in lighting & controls, but also has experience in a diverse list of clients and industries. Cross-industry experience allows Performance Marketing to develop a comprehensive strategy based on observation with other clients – BOTH Lighting and non-lighting.

We invite you to reach out to us for more information. We'd be more than happy to chat!

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Three Things Marketers should STOP doing!

Posted by Natalie Young

Dec 3, 2013 8:46:00 PM

sales and marketing alignmentAs the new year begins - many of us are starting to make those dreaded resolutions in order to improve ourselves, our businesses and so forth. We know that if we want to lose weight - it's more about what we STOP doing than what we actually START doing. 

If you haven't made any marketing goals so far for 2014....I've got a few suggestions here about what you need to STOP doing to improve your return on every marketing dollar:

1. Stop making it about you! Today's clients want to know that you are concerend about THEM. Whenever you start to create an email, blog, post card or marketing piece - stop to think about the customer. What do they Want and Need to know from you to make a buying decision? Instead of putting your mission statement on your web site - why not tell them what your mission statement means for them and the service they will receive because of your corporate culture? Instead of showing a photo of your building - why not tell them about the research that goes on under the roof of that building and how it makes your product superior and why? Understand how Traditional marketing has changed. Bottom line - put your clients first!

2. Stop Talking So Much! One of my Mentor's used to tell me - "During client meetings - 2 out of every 3 sentences should be a question."  Think about this...and take note next time you are in a client meeting. Do you go into "presentation mode" before you really understand the client's problem? Are you touting your product before you know if it's really going to help? Get the client to share, think about a solution - can you really make a difference? If so, you will start to create evangelists instead of customers. This is where true growth will be found.

3. Stop doing things the way you've always done them! Customers today are not buying the same way they did 5 years ago. Today's buyer is much more savvy and educated. Odds are they've already been on Google and researched you and your competitors before you've even had a chance to meet with them. This is why - more than ever - your marketing dept and your sales department MUST BE aligned and work smarter to close more business.

To see our 3-book on three things you can do do get sales by the end of the year - click here! 

If you'd like to talk to us about marketing help in 2014 - email us now at .

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Performance Marketing Hires Douglas Fisher as Art Director

Posted by Natalie Young

Apr 16, 2013 3:04:00 PM

doug fisherPerformance Marketing, a full service ad agency in Orange California offering internet marketing, marketing services and branding, is excited to announce the hiring of experienced designer Douglas Fisher as Art Director. In his new position, Douglas will be responsible for implementing project design projects and leading the design team. Douglas brings 13 years of experience in high-level print, design and web production. Accomplished in the areas of corporate identity, print collateral, illustration, standards compliant HTML/CSS, and dynamic web technologies, he is also skilled in traditional, web and social media marketing, copy writing, and project management. Additionally Doug brings his skills as a video editor and photography.

Performance Marketing is a 21 year marketing agency located in Orange, CA. The agency specializes in Inbound Marketing – a highly effective, specialized type of internet marketing. Offering a full spectrum of marketing services and marketing automation consulting, the agency is owned by Natalie Young, an award-winning Creative Director. For more information please contact Natalie Young at 714-385-9904 or

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Are You Dropping the Ball On Marketing? You Don’t Have To Do It All Yourself.

Posted by Natalie Young

Mar 28, 2013 8:30:00 AM

DroppingMktgBall resized 600Running a business is no job for the timid—or for people who can’t multi-task. If you run a business with a small staff, you know that better than most people. You’ve always got multiple balls in the air. You’ve got clients to meet, bills to pay and employees to oversee. Your hands are full—and busy.

Unfortunately, if you’re not bringing in new customers on a regular basis, you’ll soon have nothing but time on your hands. But just how are you supposed to do that in addition to everything else that’s going on? It’s tough enough for trained marketing people to do marketing well these days.

Marketing has changed dramatically during the past few years. Initiatives that used to work aren’t working anymore because people have changed the way that they do business. “Traditional” marketing can’t compete with “new” marketing. But if you’re busy running your business, you may not have time to learn—and get good at—the new marketing you need to generate leads and win customers.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. If you’re a business owner looking to grow revenue—without increasing staff or working yourself into an early grave—you might want to take a look at outsourcing your marketing efforts to somebody who does that for a living (and actually likes all this new marketing stuff).

You may feel a little uncomfortable “giving up control,” but the benefits can make it well worthwhile. At least that’s what professors Gail McGovern and John Quelch suggested in their March 1, 2005 Harvard Business Review article:

“Outsourcing marketing can lead to better quality and lower costs. The outsourcing of marketing activities is catching on; in fact, in a recent poll of marketing executives, 53 percent reported plans to outsource most of their marketing activities.”

In addition to getting better marketing results, outsourcing your marketing can free you up to focus on the thing you do well—running your business.

Just getting marketing activities “off your plate,” however, isn’t the real goal. It’s got to improve your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t even really know how well their marketing efforts are working. They may know that they need to be attracting customers online—but they don’t have the foggiest idea how many (if any) of their leads are coming in through their website. And they don’t know how they stack up against their competitors in this area, either.

If you’d like to see how you’re doing compared to your competition, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a free website analysis. You can find out how you rate against your competitors; how to improve your ranking; and how to set up a website that can actually capture leads.

You can keep trying to juggle your marketing efforts along with all the other responsibilities you have. Or you can start by taking a look at where you really stand now. The ball is in your court!

Generate More Leads Now!

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