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Who is the Best Salesperson For Your SoCal Lighting & Energy Business?

Posted by Natalie Young

Jul 24, 2014 10:19:42 AM


Two of the biggest challenges facing lighting and energy businesses in Southern California generating quality leads and increasing sales. OK, those are probably the two biggest challenges facing any business anywhere. Because those are such important areas, you naturally want to put your best salesperson on those critical tasks.

But who is that?

Is it “Jerry the Jabber,” who spends seven-and-a-half hours a day on the phone cold calling and talking the ears off of anyone who happens to answer when he dials? Sure, he’s putting in the hours, and he’s talking all the time—but is he really bringing in business?

Is it “Trade Show Trudy,” who goes to every trade show and business meeting in town to hob knob with prospective clients and hand out flyers and business cards? She went through three stacks of cards last month. Lot’s of cards and flyers went out, but not much in the way of leads or sales came back in.

The fact of the matter is that the way business gets done today has changed. The heydays of Jerry and Trudy are gone. Potential customers aren’t sitting by their phones waiting for Jerry to call. And most potential clients don’t have the time (or the budget) to visit a lot of trade shows (or read flyers) before making a purchasing decision when it comes to the lighting and energy control needs. 

That’s why you best salesperson may not even be a person at all. 

Customers are in control today. They don’t wait for someone to tell them about solutions to their lighting or energy issues. If they have questions—they go look for the answers themselves. And guess where they go? Yep! The head straight for their computer, their tablet, or their smart phone and start looking on the Internet and use social media to find what they’re looking for. 

Your website and your social media tools may be your best salesperson of all. That’s why:

  • 80% of marketers indicated that their social media efforts increased traffic
  • 72% of marketers are using social media to develop loyal fans
  • 71% of marketers are using social media to gain marketplace intelligence
  • More than half of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least three years report it has helped them improve sales
  • 74% of marketers who spend 40+ hours using social media per week earn new business through their efforts
  • 95% of marketers who use social media at least 6 hours per week indicated their social media efforts increased exposure for their businesses
  • By spending as little as 6 hours per week, over 66% of marketers see lead generation benefits with social media* 

According to Social Media Examiner, as reported by HubSpot*

Are your online marketing efforts up to the challenge? Are they giving you these kinds of results? Or is your website simply a digital version of “Jerry the Jabberer” or “Trade Show Trudy?”

If you’d like more information about turning your website into a powerful lead generation tool, download our free 5 Essential Steps to Generating Leads Using Your Website white paper.  Say goodbye to Jerry and Trudy, and say hello to more qualified leads for your business!

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Light and Energy Control Marketing: To Talk or Not to Talk Isn’t Really the Question

Posted by Natalie Young

Nov 30, 2012 12:42:00 PM

electrical marketingIf you’re trying to reach potential clients in the Light and Energy Control market, not talking to your audience isn’t an option. If people don’t know about you, your products, your solutions and your services, they simply can’t do business with you.

And if you think that potential customers will find you on the web just because you have a website, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

The real question isn’t whether you should be talking about your business. You should be! What makes a difference is what you’re talking about.

Too many businesses see their website or their blog as a their own little soap box or bully pulpit. They use it to tell prospective customers how great their company is. They talk about how wonderful their products and services are. They tout the industry awards they’ve won—all in hopes of convincing prospective clients to do business with them. And it doesn’t work. Why?

They’re talking about themselves. Here’s some bad news: Customers don’t care about your business. The good news is that they do care about something: They care about the problems they face and how you might be able to help them solve those problems. That’s why they’re on the Internet, looking at your website and reading your blog in the first place. They’re looking for information and ideas that will help them solve their problems.

Take a look at your own website or blog if you have one. Now try to see it from your prospective client’s point of view. Are you addressing the questions or problems your customers face? Are you providing them with information and ideas that will help them succeed? Or are you simply giving them a sales pitch?

In reality, most light and energy control companies don’t simply sell products. They sell solutions. Are you helping your clients find solutions to the problems or issues they face? Are you using your website and your blog to engage with clients—asking them what they need and helping them find it?

Not talking to prospective clients isn’t an option. Talking to them in the right way is critical. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to talk to and engage your clients, let’s talk and work out a solution together.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in engaging your prospective clients?

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Marketing for Lighting and Energy Control: Is Price Your Most Important Positioning Tool?

Posted by Natalie Young

Oct 2, 2012 2:46:00 PM

penny resized 600There are a lot of lighting and energy control companies competing for customers on the Internet. As a matter of fact, if you type “lighting control companies” into a Google search, it turns up about 39,500,000 results. If you try “energy control companies” you end up with some 371,000,000 results. How can your company stand out in a crowd like that?

The first thing many companies do in an attempt to stand out from their competitors is to cut prices. It’s relatively easy to do. It doesn’t take a lot of thought. And—after all—who doesn’t like to save money. Companies scream it from TV screens all the time. Newspaper ads tout “Low Prices!” all over the place. But it’s a slippery slope. Once you start, where do you stop? And if it’s easy for you to do, it’s easy for your competitors to do as well. They don’t have to cut by much, either—their prices just have to be lower than yours. Plus, price-cutting doesn’t generate loyalty. If you gained customers by offering low prices, you’ll lose them if someone else offers a lower price.

What will bring people back—especially in industries such as lighting and energy control systems—is knowledge and expertise. If potential clients get the picture that you know what you’re talking about and that you can help them solve those difficult specification or installation problems, they’ll come looking for you—even if you’re a few pennies more expensive than someone else. Saving money on the wrong solution is no bargain.

So how do you let potential customers know that you have the knowledge and expertise to help them solve their problems? That’s one of the beautiful things about blogging. It’s not really about telling the world how wonderful you are. It’s about helping potential customers find solutions to questions they have or problems they face. And if you help someone find a solution, they’ll at least give you a look when it’s time to purchase.

You may think you’re not a writer. Maybe not, but don’t sell yourself short. If you know your subject matter, we can help you get your expertise out there in a way that positions you as an industry expert. And that’s just one step in using your website to generate leads for your business.

generate leads

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Marketing for Lighting Professionals: Give Away Your Expertise?

Posted by Natalie Young

Aug 15, 2012 3:32:00 PM

marketing cowWe all know the old saying about the cow and the milk: “Why buy the cow when you’re getting the milk for free?” Seems pretty obvious that if you’re used to getting something for nothing you’re not likely to start spending money to get it.

And yet, successful businesses these days seem to be giving away knowledge and expertise for free all the time. Let’s face it: As a lighting or energy control professional, your knowledge of the industry and of products and solutions is valuable stuff. Why should you give that away?

The thing is, you don’t give it all away.

Smart marketers give away enough content and information to help potential customers get a better grip on what they need.  But they’re not giving away the knowledge and experience it takes to do the job themselves.

Just because you help potential customers understand the differences and benefits of various lighting systems or energy control systems doesn’t mean these customers will suddenly have the knowledge and skill to purchase and install these systems on their own (and frankly, they don’t want to!).

Are you helping customers by putting out a free special report or whitepaper that explains things about these systems? Yes! But you’re doing it in a limited context. You’re helping them understand things at a pretty basic level. You’re not training your replacement.

There’s another benefit that comes from sharing some of your expertise. You establish yourself as an expert. Customers realize that you know a thing or two about these complicated systems. And if they feel like you’ve helped them avoid some potential pitfalls, who do you think they’ll call when it’s time to purchase?

Don’t be afraid to share some of what you know with customers. If it helps them, they’ll be back for more. And what they come back for is the stuff they pay for!

 Click Here to see our case study on how one energy control company does it right!

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Marketing Case Study – Lighting and Electrical Industry

Posted by Natalie Young

Jul 12, 2012 3:23:00 PM

In November 2011 – Performance Marketing acquired a new client in the lighting and electrical industry. This client, as a manufacturer’s representative for lighting & energy control products – provides education, product information, and technical support for its clients. 

By creating a website that acts as a resource – we’ve had huge MEASURABLE successes in just 6 months. We promoted events, created content, posted product information downloads, created a blogging strategy and more. Here is an image of the website currently – but the graphs and statistics to follow are the exciting stuff!

lighting case study resized 600


Moving forward, we will focus on the data, not only as a measure of our successes, but to make intelligent decisions on strategy and future direction.


Overall Website Traffic:

Organic Search visitors went from 39 visitors per month in Nov 2011 to 300+ per month in May 2012

Why is this important? This means that people are finding thw site online. It means that the content on the website is matching live searches from real people looking for lighting and energy control products and services.


Direct Traffic has gone from 69 per month in Nov 2011 to 500+ per month in May 2012

Why is this important? This shows that current customers are using & visiting the website as a resource…AND COMING BACK FORM MORE EVERY MONTH! This goal here is to “shorten your sales cycle” and use the website do the “educating” so the salespeople don’t have to. Instead of wasting time selling something a prospect doesn't need, prospects actually tell you what they're interested in, based on what they read, download, or opt into. Now the sales person calling on that account can continue that education process with a very targeted conversation based on the prospect's precise needs, as opposed to figuring it out on the phone or trying to sell things that aren't relevant to the client’s needs.


We’ve logged 10,000+ individual page views....

lighting results marketinglighting results marketing 2



The client’s website is converting leads at 5.44%!

  • The average website converts leads at less than 1%
  • The average for Active internet marketers is 2 to 3-1/2%
  • Hubspot – the masters of internet marketing – converts at 7%

lighting results marketing

The Client’s website is ranking for several keywords that were chosen 6 months ago:

  • Ranks in top 3 positions for 19 of chosen top keywords
  • Ranks in top 10 position for 38 of chosen top keywords

Website Grade:               Start = 4               Now = 79


Traffic Rank: Top 34.9 % Alexa is an online service that measures traffic for millions of sites on the Internet in a similar way to Nielsen television show ratings. Your website has an Alexa rank of 10,849,921 which is in the top 34.9 % of all websites.

The bottom line results - increased interaction with your prospects and customers will result in closing more business. Now more than ever before, the results are measurable! Automating your marketing gives you the ability to quantify what is working and track the impact of your marketing dollars.

For more information on implementing similar strategies into your marketing mix – contact Natalie Young, Performance Marketing at

Marketing Solutions for Electrical and Lighting Companies








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Marketing for Lighting and Energy Control: How to Avoid Extinction

Posted by Natalie Young

May 17, 2012 1:48:00 PM

If you’ve been in the lighting and energy control business for a while, you know that “Business as usual” just isn’t cutting it anymore—especially when it comes to marketing. Once-proven methods for getting your message out to customers and prospects are increasingly ineffective. What’s changed? And what can you do about it?

Brian Halligan, co-author of Inbound Marketing and Chief Executive Officer of HubSpot describes the situation this way: “People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago, so marketers need to adapt or riskmarketing dino for lighting extinction.”

What is Brian talking about? It used to be hard for buyers to gather information about the product or service they were considering. For people looking for lighting and energy control solutions there were catalogs, flyers, and brochures. Or they could check out some of the trade journals. But it wasn’t always easy to find objective information. There wasn’t a good way to gather information from peers who had used the product or service themselves. The Internet changed all that.

Now buyers, architects, or people who specify systems for residential or commercial buildings have a wealth of information at the fingertips.

And it used to be that if someone didn’t like what you offered, they might stick with you anyway because it was too hard to find an alternate source. Now, your competition is one click away. And pricing isn’t much of a tool. Your potential customers can check prices at the click of a button. Differentiation has never been more important. But how do you set yourself apart?

One way you can set yourself apart is to provide your customers with helpful information—information that helps them to make a good decision. You can answer their questions about problems or issues they’re dealing with. You can help them determine which solution will really meet their need. Will you win every sale? No. But you’ll stand a better chance of winning the people who are a good fit for your products and services—and those are the people who will tell their business colleagues about you.

Lighting and energy control systems have changed a lot over the last few years. So has the way you need to talk to prospective customers. How can you use your products, services, knowledge, and experience to ensure the success of your customers? Light and energy control businesses that figure this out will thrive. Those that don’t will go the way of the dinosaurs.

Performance Marketing manages marketing programs for several industries including several lighting-related companies.

Marketing Solutions for Electrical and Lighting Companies


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