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Branded Corporate Gifts As Business Marketing Weapons

Posted by Natalie Young

Dec 11, 2013 11:47:00 AM

KP2443 notebooks for corporate giftsWeapons?  For business?  You bet!  Everyone knows that marketing really means remembering and every company’s goal is to be remembered.  You are always striving to standout among the competition using whatever “weapons” you have at your disposal.  What better way to do this than with branded corporate gifts.  
   From personalized chocolates to computer accessories, you are now able to dazzle your customers with gifts that  are unique and customized.  Go the extra step and present your gift in a way that subtly highlights your brand and you can be sure your recipients will feel special.
    How do you choose what item is the best for your customers?  Keep in mind that just because you likees9022 corporate gift idea holder something, they may not.  Think of who your target customer is. Young or old?  Male or female?  Young singles or married and near retirement?   Keeping your name in front of them is the main goal when using branded corporate gifts, so be sure to select an item they will use often.

    Who are they going to think of the next time they have a need for your product?  Why the company who presented them with that exceptional gift! So, choose your “weapon” wisely to get the most “bang” for your buck.

Be sure to download our 2013 report on the Top 20 Corporate Gift Ideas

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Dress up your Corporate Room Drop Gifts, Part 2

Posted by Natalie Young

Jun 24, 2011 3:44:00 PM

Continuing our discussion on corporate room drop gifts...the packaging can be crucial to the success of your program and the perceived value of the item.

Recently we were tasked with wrapping some gift items for a farewell gift amenity/room drop gift. The gift was meant to be inspirational in nature and so we spent extra time designing a complimentary and equally inspirational presentation. Using hand painted gift wrap which looked like abstract ocean waves, we used this expensive paper sparingly in order to stay within budget. The paper was so special - we didn't need much to create a high end look.

 Corporate gift wrapping

Inside the package was a custom sculpture by a local artist in Los Angeles. The sculpture was interactive in that the recipient is able to change the motivational message daily. This corporate gift idea was unique in that it was an art piece and an inspirational piece all in one.

Corporate gift

For more corporate room drop gifts - stay tuned for our list of The Top 20 Room Drop Gifts for this season! To be the first to receive this list - click on the button below!


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Dress up your Corporate Room Drop Gifts, Part 1

Posted by Natalie Young

Jun 6, 2011 4:01:00 PM

So many companies I work with spend hours upon hours trying to choose the perfect room drop gift for meeting participants. And although choosing the right gift amenity is crucial to room drop success - I believe that gift givers should spend just as much time on the presentation of the chosen item.

Gift wrapping and packaging is where the detail will show and the "perceived value" of the corporate gift will skyrocket by simply doing something different or special.

We recently assisted in a program held at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, CA. If you don't know this location, it's a bit of paradise located right on the Southern California coastline. The decor is spanish, luxurious and drips in understated elegance.

The client was Cigna Health Insurance Co. and they were awarding their high achievers with the prestigious Gold Circle award.

Somehow a gift bag stuffed with tissue didn't seem adequate for this event....

I spent some time walking the grounds of the hotel to get a feel for the 5 star location and what the gifts would say to the recipients. I decided we were going to do some really elegant and customized presentations which would show the recipients how much they were valued.

First came the committee gift for those involved in planning the event. Each person was to receive an e-reader. The event was to be held at the resort in an oceanfront restaurant. We matched the gift wrapping to the spanish theme of the event and topped it off with a custom gold wax seal. See below!


corporate gift 1

waxsealStay tuned for our next blog where we will highlight some more of the gift amenity items for this program!

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Corporate Gifts & Promo items go green

Posted by Natalie Young

Jun 2, 2011 10:55:00 AM

describe the imageDid you know?
38 billion water bottles are discarded into landfills every year, wasting $1 billion worth of plastic made with 1.5 million barrels of oil. You can get approximately 450 gallons of municipal tap water for the price of one bottled water.

Filtered Bottles Preserve the Earth
Refillable bottles save money for the consumer, preserve the earth, reduce landfill waste and save energy used to ship bottled water. The filter option offers the pure taste of bottled water without the expense and waste of throw away bottles. Power Bottle Filters remove chlorine taste and odor from municipally treated water sources. Get the pure taste of bottled water on the go without the waste of throw away bottles.


Power Bottle combines its patented,

flip-top straw design, customized

printing, and colorful dome and slider color combinations, to offer the most exclusive water bottle in the industry.


People who use Power Bottles don't settle for anything less!


Great idea for promotional markets

such as:

  • Resorts, Spas and Health Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Sporting Events
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Corporate Events
  • Weight Loss Organizations
  • Bike Shops
  • Amusement Parks

Prices for 100 bottles start at $5.00 and up depending on your logo imprint & bottle size. Please call for more info!


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Maui Jim Sunglasses as a Corporate Gift

Posted by Natalie Young

May 24, 2011 3:08:00 PM

When was the last time people got excited about your corporate gift?

Many times I'm am asked to bring ideas to my clients that will help make their event memorable. One of the most memorable gift amenity that we've done is the Maui Jim Sunglasses on-site custom fitting event. Maui Jim Sunglasses have a premium reputation and undisputable quality and style.

describe the image

We send two representatives to your event - no matter where you are - with double the amount of sunglasses you'll need. Our reps bring 15 styles in your selected price range, tables, mirrors, cases, tables, etc. All you need to do is watch your guests get excited when they find out they will be able to keep the sunglasses when they leave your event.

Each pair of Maui Jim sunglasses feaures patented and color infused PolarizedPlus lens technology which makes every color more vivid and cleaner, without the glare or harmful UV.

Sunglasses retail for $149 and up but we have programs starting at $100 per pair - based on at least 100 people. As an added bonus we are able to customize the sunglass cases with your corporate logo if desired.

If you'd like more details on this or any other corporate gift idea - please contact us directly.




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Corporate Apparel Goes Vintage!

Posted by Natalie Young

Apr 29, 2011 4:18:00 PM

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Hot trend in corporate apparel and uniforms! The comfort of yesterday is celebrated in this special collection of vintage-inspired apparel. Our vintage inspired apparel catalog is great for company anniversaries, throwback campaigns and more. Download Our Catalog to see samples of:

  • New vintage soft-hand screen printing
  • Retro Graphics where we can simply drop in your company name to ready-made designs
  • Applique and retail inspired decoration techniques

Fill out the form if you'd like to receive a quote on a vintage design...or better yet Type the words "MOCKUP" in the message box and we'll send you a virtual vintage example with your logo! 

VintageFlyer Email Pricing[1] 2 resized 600

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Top Promotional Items for Summer

Posted by Natalie Young

Apr 27, 2011 9:42:00 AM

Unless you are a member of the Bikini Icefishing team (yes, there is such a thing), chances are you, you have been in a deep hibernation over the last few months. Everyone has been waiting for warmer weather, and springtime sunshine is at long last about to emerge from behind those cold dark clouds.

At first strike of the sun's warm rays, we humanoid creatures begin our exodus back to the great outdoors. Whether it be to sandy beaches, mountain trails or a BBQ right in the back yard, there are promotional opportunities galore that will put your brand outside for all the world to see.

Here are a list of the top most popular promotional items for the summer time!

promotional items for beachTOP PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS FOR …

Lazy Days at the Beach

Fun by the Campfire

*This list doesn’t include promotional hot dogs and marshmallows, but they are sure to be available somewhere.

A BBQ with Friends

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Laptop skins are great corporate gift idea!

Posted by Natalie Young

Mar 14, 2011 3:48:00 PM

Here's a great idea for promoting your brand: Laptop Skins. Not only are they a great item for executives, they can act as portable billboards with your message! Skins are also used to to protect your laptop against scratches. Made of the highest quality vinyl material with the latest adhesive technology, laptop skins are removable and reusable and will not leave unwanted residue on laptop surfaces.Cutting lines of reference are printed on the back of the laptop skin to help trim to size. A perfect marketing idea for colleges,splaptopskinsort teams, high schools, corporations, to name a few.
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Great ideas for corporate room drop gift

Posted by Natalie Young

Feb 24, 2011 2:43:00 PM

Most businesses are looking for ways to set themselves apart as leaders. When purchasing corporate gifts or room drop gifts - it's always a challenge to give something the recipient does not already possess and will value. Whether it be for a national sales convention, company meeting or holiday function, the goal of the "giver" is to be seen as generous, thoughtful and appreciative...

Many times gifts can take on extra value when the items are brand names that are recognizeable to the recipient.

Recently a new line of techie promo products by BLUELOUNGE have come to the market. These items make great room drop gifts, corporate gifts or employee incentive gifts. 

Bluelounge is an award-winning international design studio known for innovative and sleek products created for consumers seeking relevant and honest solutions with a forward design aesthetic. In 2005, its founder, Dominic Symons, turned the design studio into a brand of its own and began manufacturing and distributing well designed solutions to daily problems while striving to make every products as simple as possible.

The bluelounge brand has come to manifest itself as an extension of the vibrant and fresh team that values embracing their passions. The enjoyment and inspiration from life is easily carried into the studio and translates into successful timeless products.

You'll find these products to be distinctive, stylish, and ingenious. This is the quintessential magic behind every bluelounge product. As an incubator of ideas that simplify, organize, and enhance your electronics, bluelounge offers a solution beyond the everyday. Here are a couple of my favorites:

First - the Cable Minibox in it's bright colors is a great item. It's easy because it works for both men & women, and anyone in an office can use this handy little box to clear away those pesky cords that are always underneath your desk. Simply plug your device into the supplied surge protector then stow away the surplus cable lenghts and close the lid and done! With cable outlets either side, CableBox Mini is ideal for hiding the cords, adapters and small hubs. Best of all the Gift-giver can print their company logo on the side where there is plenty of room to highlight the brand. Priced around $29.99 - See photo below:

corporate gift idea1


Next is the BlueLounge charging station. Already equipped with the cables you'll need - this handy item is neat and useful for any client and/or employee. Rubberized tray to hold your multiple electronic gadgets, Compact in size, the Refresh’s connectors include two 30-pin iPhone/Ipod pligs, (APPLE approved), a mini-USB, a micro-USB and two standard USB sockets that you can use to connect any other devise with your own cables. Comatible with more than 1800 devices. Great for Iphones, Ipods, digital cameras,Bluetooth headsets, Cell phones, etc. The logo is added to the front of the item and although visible, it's not intrusive. Priced around $89.99 - See photo below:

room drop gift


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