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What’s Your Goal With Your Light And Energy Marketing?

Posted by Natalie Young

Jul 12, 2013 8:00:00 AM

What%27s your goal with your light and energy marketingIf you’re running a light or energy control business, you don’t do marketing because you have nothing better to do with your time. It’s not merely a creative outlet for you. And you sure as heck don’t do it just to win awards. So what is your goal for marketing your light or energy business?

Some people might say that they do it to increase sales. Of course, ultimately, that’s what you’re after. But think for a moment. How many of your clients actually buy lighting or energy control systems online? It just doesn’t happen. Systems like this aren’t something someone whips out a credit card to pay for. It’s generally a long sales cycle that ends in some kind of face-to-face meeting.

So what are all these people doing on your website if they’re not buying? They’re looking for information. They’re looking for the best solutions for their specific situation. And they’re looking for somebody who understands what they want and need—and can deliver it.

So what are your goals with your marketing efforts? One goal is to deliver quality information that answers the questions your potential customers have. It’s not to overwhelm them with the information you think they need. It’s to answer their questions and concerns. If they think you know what you’re talking about—and have a solution that works for them, they’ll keep coming back. And remember: it’s a long sales cycle, so you want them coming back for more information.

Your bigger goal, however, is to get these potential customers to “raise their hands.” You want them to identify themselves to you as serious leads. How do you do that? One way is with a great call to action that offers them something of value (generally in the form of more specific information) in exchange for their contact information.

You can offer a special report, a white paper or even a case study that demonstrates a solution that works for them. But remember, this isn’t a sales pitch. It’s valuable, helpful information. But once a lead qualifies himself by requesting this information, you can go back to him and nurture that relationship. You can keep offering information until he is ready to talk about a solution.

Your goal is to get good information out to people who may be customers and then to get them to raise their hands and ask for more. That’s one way to use your website to generate qualified leads—and that’s how you get the sales you need to succeed.

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