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Marketing your business today isn’t a “one-and-done” operation. You can’t simply print and mail a flyer, or send out a postcard, or run an ad in a newspaper or even a trade magazine. Today’s marketing efforts need to be integrated and coordinated. You need multiple touches with potential clients before you even get close to talking about sales—especially if you’re dealing with high ticket items.

It’s fine to talk about integration and coordination and multiple touches, but keeping track of all those touches and efforts can be a real juggling act. How can you keep things straight when you have different prospects in different stages of your marketing/sales funnel? 

CRM.jpgThat’s where having a Customer Relationship Managements (CRM) system really pays off. You can try to keep track of all your contacts and individual efforts in a simple spreadsheet, and you can probably do that—if you only have a handful of customers. But if you’re trying to grow your business, that won’t work for long. 

What does a CRM system offer you?

It keeps all of your data and contact information in one place: If your marketing and sales people have data scattered all over the place it’s easy to lose track of key information. You can end up sending a client the same information twice—or missing an opportunity to follow up because the customer notes got misfiled (or lost). A good system makes sure that all information is stored consistently and in the one place.

It improves communication between sales and marketing: When your marketing people pass on a lead to sales, the salesperson will know exactly what the prospect has received and if there are any questions or issues. They don’t have to rely on memory or verbal hand-offs of information.

It’s a tool that can grow with your needs: Good CRM systems are automated and can be scaled up to handle increased amounts of data. If you’re using a simple spreadsheet, there’s a lot of manual work involved in entering data. That quickly becomes burdensome if you’re growing. A good CRM system automates activities and can easily handle a lot more volume. And a CRM system can actually allow you to schedule specific events automatically—something you just can’t do with a spreadsheet. 

As a Certified HubSpot Partner, we can help you set up a system that will allow you to create effective marketing campaigns and manage the relationships you create with potential customers. Click here if you’d like to schedule a free marketing assessment by an expert to get you started.

If you want to stop juggling and start managing your marketing efforts and results, we can help!


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