feb2The people who consume the products and services of lighting and energy control companies are a unique group of people. Whether they are architects, engineers, product specifiers, or general contractors, they want help with the products and solutions that they offer to their customers.

If you produce products or solutions for the lighting and energy control industry, the people you’re trying to reach want to know that you understand their world. They want to know that you have the experience and knowledge to help them solve the problems they face with their customers.

But before you even have the opportunity to demonstrate those things, people need to know about you. They need to be able to find you. And today that means they’re looking for you online. Are they finding you? How many people are visiting your website each week? Are you attracting the right kind of customer?

And once someone hits your website, what’s happening? What are they looking at? How are you interacting with them? Are you giving them the impression that you can help them solve their business problems?

It’s not enough to have a website that’s simply a list of all the products you carry. Chances are that a lot of other companies carry many of the same products you carry. What potential customers are looking for is someone who carries the right products and has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help them offer the right solution for their customers. They want to know that you know the business.

Does your website have the kind of content that clearly communicates to your prospects that you can help them succeed? Are you sharing information with them that helps them make the right decision—for themselves and their customers? When they read what’s on your website do they come away thinking that you know and understand what they’re up against?

We’ve helped businesses that work in the lighting and energy control business reach their clients with helpful information. We’ve helped lighting representatives, energy control companies, electrical contractors, general contractors, building contractors, architects, and others reach their specific audiences with messages that move them to act.

Here’s a case study of one of our clients from the lighting and electrical industry that shows you some of the steps we took—and the results. The bottom line is that this company had success because potential clients could see that this company did more than simple sell products—they offered expertise.

We’d love to help you do the same!

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