If you’re involved in marketing for lighting representatives, electrical distributors or contractors, lighting designers or professional A/V services, you know you’re responsible for results.

Are your marketing efforts bringing in profit? Sometimes business people confuse the roles of sales and marketing. That can cause problems, because they are two very different things. Sales has the power to change conditions, to transform a situation through the skills of the salesperson. Marketing, however, generally does not possess such transformative power. Marketing needs to work with conditions as they are. One could simplify and say: Sales is persuasion. Marketing is understanding applied. If your marketing efforts are constantly trying to sell (instead of provide helpful information and position you as the best choice for prospects), you can actually end up pushing potential clients away. 

"No one buys what you sell, they buy what is of value to them,” and a marketer’s ignorance of this first part, “No one buys what you sell,” often leads to the mistake of making marketing about the product. Marketers often try to push a product and constantly urging someone to buy doesn’t work.


What you really need to do is have your sales and marketing teams working together, performing their respective tasks well and sharing information with each other. That way, marketing can produce messages that attract qualified leads, and the sales team can follow up on them. And sales can provide the marketing team with feedback on the kind of information that potential customers want. It’s something we refer to as “Smarketing,” and you can discover a bit more about it here.

If your sales aren’t where you’d like them to be, it may not be because your marketing efforts aren’t selling hard enough. It may be because you’re trying too hard to sell and not doing a good enough job of providing prospects with the kind of information they need before they decide to buy.

Your company website is a perfect place to provide that kind of information. It’s the first contact many of your future clients will have with you. To learn more about how effective your website can be when it comes to generating leads, check out this free e-book.

You want your cash register to ring, of course – just make sure you’re providing your prospective customers with the information they need so that your sales team can make the sale.

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