who cares what you have to say in marketingWe live in a loud world. Sometimes it seems as if everybody is talking at the same time. That makes marketing your company, your goods or your services a real challenge. The results a lot of businesses are seeing from their conventional marketing methods sure seem to bear this out. Sometimes it seems as if nobody cares what you have to say. And with all the messages out there—who can blame them?

So, does anybody care about what you have to say? You might actually be surprised. But you’re not going to get through to them using the same old messages and methods. Here are two reasons why.

First of all, the people you’re trying to reach have the ability to turn your message off. They have mute buttons on their TV remotes. They have caller ID on their phones. They’re abandoning print media in droves. They have spam filters for their email accounts. If they don’t want your message—you’re not going to get through.

Second, your audience is now in control. They determine what they want to hear. They determine what information is important to them, and they actively go after it.

Here’s the good news. Customers are still looking for information. Something like 70 percent (the numbers change constantly) of all purchases begin with people searching for information online. But they are only interested in the things that will help them solve a problem or improve their life. They’re not interested in your sales pitch or why you think they should buy from you.

If you establish yourself as a trusted expert in an area where they want information, your customers will come to you for that information—as long as it’s presented in a way that obviously benefits them. And here’s something else to consider: People prefer to do business with businesses they like and trust. Inbound marketing gives you vehicles for building that trust.

So how can you start doing that with your potential customers? One way is to educate yourself about ways you can use your own website to start generating leads. You can download this free whitepaper to get started. Or give me a call at 1.800.846.7468 and tell me what your goals are. We can work out a plan that will get you going.

If you have something to say that will help people solve their problems, they do care about what you have to say. But you won’t reach them using the same old methods.

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