marketing waterBusinesses don’t grow on their own. You have to get leads and nurture them and eventually turn those leads into customers. But how do you do that when the conventional methods for generating leads are increasingly expensive—and ineffective?

Social media puts some pretty powerful tools within your grasp. And there are some compelling reasons for taking a closer look at how social media can help grow your business. And take heart, this isn’t super high-tech stuff. These are things you can do with a little help. Here are some reasons why social media might be a good way to generate more leads.

  • You Can Get Off to a Fast Start: Some things really take little time to get going. You can launch a Facebook page in a day or two. And you could start a blog within a week or so. You’ll want a little time to think through your strategy and your content, but we’re talking days and weeks—not months!
  • You Don’t Have to Spend a Bundle: The actual cost to start doing social media such as Facebook or Twitter is low. It’s the same for starting a blog. Most of your cost will come from paying people with experience to get you going. But those costs are a lot lower than what you’d pay an advertising agency!

You Can Get Instant Feedback: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs provide you with feedback from your audience immediately. The whole purpose of these tools is to get people talking. And you can use the feedback right away.

  • You Can Get Found: Research shows that approximately 90% of purchase decisions begin with search engines. That’s simply how people do business today. If you do your blogs and your social media properly it’s much more likely that your prospective clients will find you online when they search.
  • You Can Avoid Being Turned Off: Consumers today block or turn off conventional advertising methods (telemarketing, direct mail, cold email blasts, TV, radio, and print ads). Inbound marketing (such as blogs and social media) help you find the people who are already looking for you. They’re inviting you into their lives instead of you trying to force your way in.
If you’re interested in “scattering some seeds” and then “watering them” with social media, let’s talk about how we can make that happen for you.

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