penny resized 600There are a lot of lighting and energy control companies competing for customers on the Internet. As a matter of fact, if you type “lighting control companies” into a Google search, it turns up about 39,500,000 results. If you try “energy control companies” you end up with some 371,000,000 results. How can your company stand out in a crowd like that?

The first thing many companies do in an attempt to stand out from their competitors is to cut prices. It’s relatively easy to do. It doesn’t take a lot of thought. And—after all—who doesn’t like to save money. Companies scream it from TV screens all the time. Newspaper ads tout “Low Prices!” all over the place. But it’s a slippery slope. Once you start, where do you stop? And if it’s easy for you to do, it’s easy for your competitors to do as well. They don’t have to cut by much, either—their prices just have to be lower than yours. Plus, price-cutting doesn’t generate loyalty. If you gained customers by offering low prices, you’ll lose them if someone else offers a lower price.

What will bring people back—especially in industries such as lighting and energy control systems—is knowledge and expertise. If potential clients get the picture that you know what you’re talking about and that you can help them solve those difficult specification or installation problems, they’ll come looking for you—even if you’re a few pennies more expensive than someone else. Saving money on the wrong solution is no bargain.

So how do you let potential customers know that you have the knowledge and expertise to help them solve their problems? That’s one of the beautiful things about blogging. It’s not really about telling the world how wonderful you are. It’s about helping potential customers find solutions to questions they have or problems they face. And if you help someone find a solution, they’ll at least give you a look when it’s time to purchase.

You may think you’re not a writer. Maybe not, but don’t sell yourself short. If you know your subject matter, we can help you get your expertise out there in a way that positions you as an industry expert. And that’s just one step in using your website to generate leads for your business.

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