Inc Magazine recently came out with their annual list of the fastest growing companies. What business CEO woudn't want to be on that list? Many of the companies on this list are well known to me for using innovative techniques centered around Inbound Marketing. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Inbound Marketing - let me explain: Today's customer is tired of getting interrupted. They fast forward through commercials, they screen their calls, they use spam filters for email. Their philosphy is - "Don't call me - I'll call you". When they are ready to purchase, they will let you know.

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As a result, Performance Marketing has adopted Inbound Marketing techniques to help our clients break through and get qualified leads that turn into business. Inbound Marketing is about offering up solution-based content to buyers who are in the "interest" phase of the sales funnel. Once your prospect shows interest in your solutions - we nurture those prospects at their own pace - until they are ready to purchase. We offer helpful content along the way pushing them through the funnel until the prospect eventually makes a purhcase. By effective lead nurturing, companies today are able to create marketing messages to the right people at the right time. What could be more optimal?


Take a look at some of the forward thinking marketers on our list and see if you can pinpoint the use of Inbound Marketing!

#11 – NastyGal (Los Angeles, Calif.)
NastyGal, a women’s apparel store, drives a visual content marketing strategy perhaps as well as anyone. Its daily (sometimes more) blog shows off trends in the industry through smart text and beautiful imagery. This visual approach has led to their amazing following on Instagram (over 300,000 followers) and nearly 500,000 fans on Facebook.
#20 – BlueGrace Logistics (Riverview, Fla.)
The fastest-growing freight hauler positions itself as one of the clear thought leaders in its space with its weekly blog. BlueGrace pairs its blog content to major events, like the start of the football season and logistics, or how hurricanes can disrupt the supply chain process.
#236 – LeanDog (Cleveland, Ohio)
No, this agile software consulting group doesn’t have a blog, but its event program spreads the word about the growing company like nothing else. LeanDog produces an annual event called GiveCamp, where it leverages its coding expertise to help nonprofits. That venture alone has led to amazing word-of-mouth leads for the company, along with its regular training seminars for newbies.
#314 – HubSpot (Boston, Mass.)
The search-led software company is perhaps the poster child for inbound marketing, where it is given much credit for coining the term and growing the industry. More original content comes out of HubSpot than almost any other company. Its blogs, infographics, research, e-newsletters, and (yes) even a print book have vaulted HubSpot straight to the top.
Thanks Joe Pulizzi for these great examples!

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