Marketing is getting more complicated. Take a look at history - it used to be a blend of Newspapers, Telemarketing, Direct Mail and Trade Shows. These days - the choices are plentiful and for small and medium sized businesses, those choices can get more technical and therefore, more confusing; websites, social media, email marketing, call to actions, landing pages, and more.

Additionally - it used to be that you kept all your contacts in a rolodex. (remember those?) Today, with multiple tools and social media tools - marketers most valuable asset - the prospect list - can become disorganized, inconsistent and incomplete.

marketing contacts solutionThis week at Inbound 2012, we've just seen the release of a tool that can help centralize your database all in one location. No more Excel spreadsheets, downloading, merging, uploading etc.

Imagine that you login to your contacts database - where you can you locate your contacts basic information, but now - using our new tools - you can see an entire history of every interaction they've had with your company. You can see which website pages they've visited, which product brochures they've downloaded, what social media interactions they've had and more!

With this new tool, you'll have the most scaleable, powerful marketing database ever created. No other system lets you maintain and work with all this data. It's the only database you'll ever want or need.

Oh more thing about the contacts database - it has a mobile app, so you can take your contacts wherever you go! Check out this cool screen shot....hubspot iphone app resized 600

And the best part - that's just one of the hundreds of tools that we have to offer small and medium sized businesses. Here's just a peek at some other bullet points: 

  • A new way to segment and nurture your leads.
  • It's easier than ever to build engage your website visitors and capture their info.
  • Create forms on your website that recognize repeat visitors.
  • Personalize offers for each visitor.
  • Turn social media into a powerful channel.
  • Email marketing without using a separate tool.
  • Integrate with your CRM and close deals faster.
If you'd like to schedule a demo for how we can kickstart your marketing and streamline your sales process...68e3e1ac-c172-47d9-81db-f84cdb542633

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