If you’re a small to medium business owner you already know that these are challenging times. It’s a tough economy and consumers are holding on to their purse strings tighter than ever. You’re faced with a dynamic and constantly changing business and marketing environment and you need your business strategy to be maximized for optimum effect. So what options are available to you and how can your marketing strategy be enhanced to take advantage of new opportunities and resources to gain leads and new customers as well as keeping current ones coming back? 

newsletter servicesAs experienced business operators know it’s always possible to survive and prosper and experience business growth, even in a terrible economy. The key to increasing your sales fast - in any economy - is small business marketing. 

Ok, so maybe I’m not saying anything that you don’t already know.

But ask yourself;

  • Are your marketing strategies up to date?
  • Are you using all of the resources available to you in today’s high tech marketing climate?

I can assure you that your competitors are....

Small business marketing has changed drastically over the last few years. There’s a whole new crop of potential customers out there and for the most part:

  • They don’t read newspapers or magazines
  • They don't respond to direct mail
  • A lot of them don’t even watch a regular TV anymore

They’re hooked up and wired in. If you’re going to have a successful marketing plan and sustained business growth in today’s world you have to be online.

Besides having a business website, most people think of social media when they consider online marketing. But there are more targeted tools available to small business marketers:

Two marketing tools that are among the most effective as well as the most under utilized are blogs and e-mail newsletters. Not so long ago setting up a website or a blog required some pretty in depth technical skills and some proficiency in HTML coding. This is no longer the case. Blog hosting platforms like Wordpress and Blogger make setting up an attractive and professional looking site a matter of just a few hours and a lot of mouse clicks. There are lots of benefits to having a blog for your business.

  • A blog provides an easy means to tell your customers about your products and company news as well as sales and special offers.
  • A blog gives you an opportunity to show off your expertise and gain authority in your industry.
  • A blog builds brand awareness and facilitates a personal relationship with your customers as well as helping you to gain insights into them.
  • A blog opens up an alternative means of communication and cuts down on calls and correspondence to your office. 

Your blog can also serve as a perfect way to let customers sign up for a regular e-mail newsletter. This gives you a yet another way to keep your business in front of your customer and communicate news, special offers and helpful expertise and build a strong personal relationship. A newsletter enhances lead generation because it’s targeted at a more receptive audience. Both blogs and e-mail newsletter give you instant trackable feedback about how many people are seeing your content. Both are virtually free to set up. 

However, maintaining and promoting a blog and newsletter, requiring regular fresh content and the application of techniques to ensure high search engine rankings, is a time consuming chore.

For most businesses it makes sense to engage the services and expertise of a professional blogging and newsletter service. The benefits to be realized from these small business marketing methods far outweigh the negligible costs involved, and let you spend your time where it’ll count the most, running your business. 

Times may be tough, but putting the power of a professionally maintained blog and newsletter to work for your business will help your business weather the storm until calmer seas prevail.

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