Many corporate events are held in warm weather cities where sitting by the beach or pool is on top of every attendees list of "things to do"! 

If you've been searching for a unique room drop gift for your upcoming event - we think we've got the perfect item for you.

room drop idearoom drop idea

The portable SOLAR SOUND SPEAKER is a great item to take to beach or pool. Not only does it protect your phone from sand and water, it works as a solar charging station using the lithium battery via solar panel or USB charger cable. The speaker is a convenient way to enjoy music from your Ipod, Iphone or MP3 player.

The kit includes: USB adapter, USB charger, and multiple adapters for charging both iPad 1 and 2, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry and most other mobile phones. The durable case has a carabiner that allows you to clip onto a bag. The padded interior secures and protects. This item runs about $26.98 and there is even room to add your company logo!

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