Rebranding project is more than just a new logo: Case Study 360 Destination Group

When it comes to marketing – Evolution is inevitable. If your company is operating in the same old way it always has – then you are stagnant and may be losing out on new business. Change is an important part of business growth. And if you’re interested in growing your business, you must be open to new ideas, new styles and new techniques. Alternatively, you may be ready to pass the baton or sell your business – which will be more valuable with a forward thinking and modern growth plan in place.

Two popular examples of companies reinventing themselves are Apple and most recently Starbucks. The true changes are not only seen via the new logos and outward appearances, these firms also changed their thinking.

Companies evolve because their clients evolve. New visions are created – and so new processes are implemented. When the rebranding efforts are backed by real Process Change – the results can be visionary.

Recently I did a re-branding project for a client named 360 Destination Group. The results of this re-branding were exponential because the client was open to change and have focused on actively changing the processes within the company to better meet the needs of their clients.  A realization was made that relationships between them and their clients were now being created in a new way. A few of the challenges are listed here:

  • How do we build relationships that don’t begin with a hand shake but a “virtual handshake”?
  • How can the prospect feel as if they know and trust our company BEFORE they actually meet us?
  • How can we harness the power of the internet to build real business growth?
  • How is our target market changing and how can we change with them to meet their needs?

Below is the new look that was created by Performance Marketing to meet the objectives of the re-branding:

  • The vibe of the site is so real that you practically feel as though you know the staff prior to ever speaking with them.
  • The Name “360 Destination Group” let’s the buyer know the services offered are turn-key
  • The feel of the website is modern, forward thinking, fun, and professional.
website design modern
website design fun
logo design modern

The real change  – the processes within the company - is not tangible. The sales staff was trained on better ways to align themselves with the online marketing strategies. the "virtual relationships" that start forming online do much of the “prospecting” up front. The sales staff learned to focus on the needs of the customers by asking probing questions and thinking about solutions rather than sales pitches. With sales and marketing alignment (Smarketing), the sales staff will be better equipped to close more sales and do so by better serving the client.

For more information on Re-branding, Internet Marketing or our Sales & Marketing alignment Training (Smarketing) please contact us! New class starts Feb 22, 2012!

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