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Are you a small or medium sized business looking to grow your business?

Are you still running Yellow Page ads, Newspaper ads, direct mail? Have you tried Pay Per Click or Google AdWords and still not getting the bottom-line sales results that you expected?

  • The fact is that today’s buyer has changed
  • So, you should change the way you sell.
  • And, it doesn’t happen overnight.

If you’re a small or medium sized business who is looking for answers, you may find the following case study interesting. This case study outlines how a small construction company “steadily” grew their business is less than two years. You will see how they received results like:

  • Increased Organic Traffic by 842% in 6 months
  • Generated a total of 397 qualified leads in 15 months
  • Added an additional $1,715,000 in revenue through 21 new projects in 15 months

Industry: Construction & Remodeling

Company Size: 10

Challenge: This construction company was struggling with getting qualified leads from their website. They had a website, but it was not generating any sales. In addition, the more traditional methods of advertising were not working as well as they had in the past.

Realization: The owner of the company realized that his customers were now online and he needed a reliable and measurable way to reach these leads. He had a website but it wasn't really doing much to help generate business. He tried Pay Per Click – but still nothing.  

Solution: The client decided to try Inbound Marketing; A new customer centered marketing technique that has been proven to be successful when implemented properly.

(Note: For those NEW to Inbound Marketing – we will provide some basics here)

With Inbound Marketing – the methodology behind it is crucial to understand. (Moving forward we will explore the methodology in this series of blogs).

 Simply put - the Inbound concept is this:

Create Compelling Useful Content – Get Traffic – Convert Traffic to Prospects –

Analyze What’s Working – Repeat

(Note: For “advanced” Marketers – we add Sales & Marketing Alignment (Smarketing), Lead Nurturing, and more.)

After analyzing the client target market, doing SEO and Keyword Research – several  Inbound  Techniques were implemented – such as:

  • Offers were Created so that prospects could respond online
  • A blog was added – so that the website provided a “resource” for prospects looking for remodeling
  • Landing Pages Were created that were customized to align with the “keyword search” used by the prospect

Within the first 6 months the traffic to the website increased dramatically. Not only did traffic increase – but the website landing pages allowed this web traffic to “convert” into real leads by making the website “interactive”.

A few of the results achieved in 6 months:

  • 842% Increase in Organic Searches per month (40 to 337) (see graph below)




  • Generated a total of 192 leads (average of 32 leads per month)
  • Landed two new clients bringing in $90,000 in additional revenue

If you’d like to see similar results for your company – stay tuned to our blog. Throughout the coming year, we will be outlining the steps to grow your business using Inbound Marketing. If you’re a small or medium sized business and looking to grow – you won’t want to miss a step. 

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