What does Hockey have to do with sales & marketing? Better yet, what does a Southern California native girl know about Hockey?

stanley cupWell, as strange as it sounds - I'm a die-hard Ducks fan and have been for many years. Whenever we lost a game, our recently departed coach Randy Carlyle used to say "We didn't play for 60 minutes - we only played for 50". 

As we end the year - it may be the wrong time to slow down your play. That's exactly the time that may earn you that extra push to end the year on an upswing or start 2012 with the momentum you need/want for growth.

If you're struggling to stay motivated for the "last 10 minutes" of the game - you may want to join us for our webinar entitled "Three Things You Can Do NOW to Get Sales by the End of the Year!"

I am pushing to stay motivated and am hoping those around me will stay motivated too. Please feel free to invite your sales staff for this free training session and as an added BONUS - you'll receive our ebook which can be used well into 2012 to help you stay motivated.

improve salesWhy is this so important? I work hard to generate leads for my clients through Inbound Marketing techniques. I realized that the better equipped my clients are at "closing inbound sales leads" - the more valuable my services will be to my clients.

Our goal is to have Happy & Successful clients - 

Here's to a winning season!

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