In sales (and Marketing) - it's easy to write off the end of the year as unproductive. As we near the end of the year - I can't help but think about my goals for 2011 and where I'm headed for 2012.

The fourth quarter could be time for most salespeople to pack it in - but frankly - I'm not most people.

I've worked hard to re-focus my business to offer the services that get "proven" results in sales and marketing. I'm not ready to throw in the towel for the last 2-3 weeks of 2011 PLUS I want to ride the momentum into 2012.

Just last week I spoke to a client that has co-op money that will expire by the end of the year. He's asked if we can use the funds to do a mini "marketing-makeover". Perhaps you have clients in a similar situation? Perhaps there are more ideas that would help boost the year end sales so we all keep the sales momentum as we head into the new year?

In 2012 - I will focus a lot on aligning marketing with sales. (SMARKETING).  I've learned that I have great tools at my fingertips to generate leads for my clients - but if they are not equipped to sell these leads - then the opportunity is lost.

No matter where you are in terms of making your quota, it is absolutely essential you maintain an even flow of communication with your sales prospects. 

We are sponsoring a webinar (with a bonus Ebook) in order to share "3 Things you can do NOW to generate sales by the end of the year". Send your sales people, customer service folks, sales managers and friends!! Just be sure you stay motivated....this will help us all.

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