gold fish marketing

I've just read an article that said the "addictive nature of web browsing can leave you with an attention span of 9 seconds." 

Here's a useless factoid for you....9 seconds is the attention span of a typical GOLD FISH! 

Today, your clients are inundated with emails and smart phones to the point that you must constantly stand out and quick. 

Using Inbound Marketing - you should always be highlighting those things that make your brand "DIFFERENT". As a marketer, you can have the biggest budget...or you can be different, remarkable and fascinating and get similar results. 

Why are you captivated by some people and not by others? Why do you recall some brands and yet forget the rest? In a distracted, overcrowded world, how do certain leaders, friends and family members convince you to change your behavior?

Fascination plays a role in every type of decision making, from the brands you choose to the songs you remember, from the person you marry to the employees you hire. And by activating the right triggers, you can make anything become fascinating. To learn more - I recommend a speaker that is going to present on this very subject - please join me if you can!

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