My three-year old twins just started preschool. They will get to do fun things like show and tell day. The other day my kids took their pull-line flying saucer toy to show and tell, which proved to be an instant hit with the other kids. 

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My twins didn’t have to force the other kids in their Preschool Class to play with the flying saucer. They did not have to "push" their classmates to listen to long explanations about the toy. All they had to do was show them how fun it was to play with the flying saucer.  

Then, it occurred to me that Inbound Marketing works in sorta the same way. A proper inbound marketing plan can pull your target market towards you and your products. It can spark curiosity about you and your brand...just like show and tell. When you have people’s curiosity you don’t really need to force the sale. 

Let’s lay out an example from a recent client. The client is a music school and they had a website but it was not generating leads. We looked into our “toy box” and started applying SEO, informational blogging, landing pages, and call to action buttons. After 1 year – here are some of the results:

·         Grew customer base by 400%

·         Nearly tripled number of teachers

·         Tremendously reduced paid search expenses

·         Grew organic traffic 10x in less than a year, from 60 visits in September to over 600 visits in June.

Incorporating a tailored inbound marketing plan will increase your brand exposure. Here are the take-away points:

  • Your website is the "playground" for your prospects and clients.
  • Just like those kids in preschool - share your toys and your target will come to the playground.
  • If you don't show and tell - they won't know you exist.
  • If you don't have a way to capture those interested in your product (landing pages, webinars, product information, videos), they will leave your playground.
  • If they leave your playground - they WILL find another (your competition)

A well-designed marketing plan can attract customers to your brand and do it within your advertising budget. To learn about starting your Inbound Marketing strategy stay tuned for future blog posts on this topic. Our goal is to help market your brand using marketing tools to help you "get found" by your prospects, "Convert" those prospects into leads, and then "analyze" the data so you know what's working.

 Natalie Young Inbound Marketer, marketing consultant


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