Today is my wedding anniversary and I'm on a plane (by myself) headed for Boston. My husband has always been uber supportive of my career, but now more than ever - even on our sacred day - he can see the excitement that Inbound Marketing has brought to my agency. This week in Boston, Inbound Marketers, experts in marketing innovation, acclaimed marketing strategists, and thought leaders are gathering to discuss ideas, concepts, strategies and more! I plan on spending two days working on advanced strategies to: ~learn creative ways to use content you've already created ~Learn new and creative inbound solutions that you can implement immediately ~learn easier ways to set your up for success and fast! Some of the specific topics that I will be tackling will be: ~How to Create Offers That Convert ~How to Increase Customer Conversion Rates ~Engaging Leads with Email and Lead Nurturing ~How to Turn More Leads Into Your Best Customers. By sharing the goals, challenges and stories of real world experience I will be armed with more innovative ideas for those clients who have chosen to harness the power of the Internet rather than sticking with traditional ideas that are no longer getting the results businesses need to be successful. Stay tuned for my follow up when I can't wait to start sharing some new ideas for how to market your business using best practices for online marketing success. The early adopters of this methodology can look forward to growing success, more leads, more customers, advanced lead nurturing, and higher revenue. Oh, one more thing, thanks honey for watching the kids!

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