Many of today’s well-established business owners are discovering that the world of marketing has changed dramatically.  Traditional methods such as trade shows, direct mail, print advertising and cold calls are costly and less effective than before.  You have to do something to attract new customers or risk losing market share, but what?  You already have a website.

Here’s the thing:  your website is a marketing tool.  If you don’t use it, it’s like having a salesperson with no office, no phone, no Rolodex and no collateral materials.  You need to put that website to work so you can get found online!

Make it your marketing focal point. 

  • These days everyone shops online, whether your customers are individuals or other businesses.  Your website must be engaging and informative enough to keep their interest, or they will go somewhere else. 
  • Your most critical marketing objective is to entice prospects to visit your website, because visitors = leads and, ultimately, sales.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) is the key.  It’s what determines if and where you show up on the list when someone conducts an online search.  There are many factors that determine SEO -- the more you have, the better your position will be. 
  • Use social media, and add a blog.  Studies show they can significantly increase traffic, and they nicely augment your other traditional marketing methods.  

There are significant benefits.

  • You can get found online 24/7.
  • Internet marketing levels the playing field, so you can compete with anyone, anywhere.
  • Website-based marketing can be far more cost-effective.
  • You can build customer relationships that are stronger than ever.
  • You can better target, track and measure your marketing, to be more effective and also more flexible.

You can get help.

In today’s uncertain economy your marketing has to get top-notch results sooner rather than someday.  You need to get found online, but it seems overwhelmingly confusing.  Your smartest business decision may be to get professional help. 

Outsourcing has proven to be a tremendous benefit for all types of small and mid-size companies, providing better results, faster.  You can team up with smart, experienced experts who will do what they’re best at – helping you get found online – so you can focus on other important business development and management issues.

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