Are you struggling to find new leads? If so, you've probably considered doing something new and different like Search Engine Marketing (SEO). After all, you paid a lot of money to have your web site built. Why aren't the leads flooding in?

Let's take a minute to discuss content marketing, lead generation and getting traffic to your web site. A recent report published by Marketing Sherpa shows that content creation sits on top of the heap when it comes to the most effective means of getting leads to your web site. (see chart below)

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Content creation or Content Marketing is like a handshake with a new acquaintance. It's the proverbial "hand" that you stick out there on the internet when welcoming new leads to your company. Your prospects are on Google searcing for products. If you've placed your web site on the internet and never go back and use that tool - you're missing out. Web sites today should be interactive lead generating machines. They should provide a a place where conversations happen and prospects can find information and then ask for more with the click of a mouse. Web sites should not remain static.

The other side of the coin is that creating content for your web site is hard to do. It ranks low in popularity by marketers with only 60% of marketers using it. We've created a list here on how to make this job of "creating Content" easier:

1. Answer most common questions:

Every sales person has common questions asked by prospects. These questions get asked time and again. Why not answer these questions in a blog? Create a post or even a multi-page white paper answering these questions on your web site. Don't be afraid that you're giving away the farm - the serious prospects will read and research and will still need your help in the end. The not-so-serious prospects will not call nor will they fill out a form on your web site. That's ok.


2. Don't be afraid to list detailed information on your products including price. Prospects are out there asking questions. If you don't answer them - your competitors will!


3. Post blogs every week! It's vital to getting found by Google. The more "fresh" content you have on your web site, the easier it will be to be ranked on Google. This also keeps your prospects involved with you. It's like an ongoing conversation with your clients and prospects. If you blog 52 times per year - that's 52 new pages for Google to scan and rank. Within 6 months time you should see an increase in traffic to your site.


Content Marketing is just one of the many tools that will help you turn your web site into a lead generating machine. We even have are tools that can help "push" that information simultaneously to your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter account and more.

If you're interested in seeing where your web site ranks against your competitors...we offer a free analysis: 

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