Unless you are a member of the Bikini Icefishing team (yes, there is such a thing), chances are you, you have been in a deep hibernation over the last few months. Everyone has been waiting for warmer weather, and springtime sunshine is at long last about to emerge from behind those cold dark clouds.

At first strike of the sun's warm rays, we humanoid creatures begin our exodus back to the great outdoors. Whether it be to sandy beaches, mountain trails or a BBQ right in the back yard, there are promotional opportunities galore that will put your brand outside for all the world to see.

Here are a list of the top most popular promotional items for the summer time!

promotional items for beachTOP PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS FOR …

Lazy Days at the Beach

Fun by the Campfire

*This list doesn’t include promotional hot dogs and marshmallows, but they are sure to be available somewhere.

A BBQ with Friends

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