marketing 101 email tipsEmail Marketing: An Introduction

What makes a successful email marketing plan? Here are 10 quick tips to consider when launching yours:

1. Ask for permission.
Sending to people who want to hear from
you is the best way to remain legally
compliant, maintain a solid reputation, and
generate great results. And with
consumers becoming more finicky about
what they read - and servers becoming
more finicky about what they deliver -
building a true permission-based list is
more important than ever.

2. Get into the address book.
Want to know the secret to reaching the
inbox? It's the Address Book. Get in there,
and you're more likely to bypass any filters
and show up just the way you want to. So
remind your audience members to add you
to their address book (or white list or safe
senders list) every chance you get.

3. Give your emails style and

The visual possibilities of HTML mean it's

easier than ever to create emails that are
attractive and enticing. Just make sure
that in addition to creating emails that look
great, you're also giving your emails
enough substance to warrant sending them
in the first place. Marry style and
substance with the campaigns you send,
and your readers will thank you (and
probably buy something while they're at

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