What should you do if your Internet marketing isn't workingIf you want to survive in today’s economy, you need to reach potential customers on the Web. After all, that’s where your customers go to get information long before they ever contact you to make a purchase. Having a strong Internet marketing strategy is essential if you want to thrive—or even survive.

But what if your Internet marketing isn’t working? As a matter of fact, how do you even know if your Internet marketing is working or not?

A lot of businesses are doing “something” on the Web, but they really don’t know if what they’re doing is effective. They don’t know how many people visit their site. They don’t know which of their pages are attractive to potential clients. They hope to generate leads with their web activity—but they can’t really track how many of their visitors end up becoming legitimate leads. And they’d be hard-pressed to point to leads that became actual customers as a result of what they’re doing online.

If any of those scenarios ring a bell with you—you’re in good company. A lot of businesses have a tough time answering those questions. There’s a lot more to having an effective Web marketing presence than simply having a website address and some content.

So what should you do if your Internet marketing isn’t generating sales? One thing that’s key, is to make sure your sales and marketing efforts are aligned with each other—and that they are coordinated to match your clients’ buying patterns. Aligning sales and marketing is something we call “smarketing.” And when you combine that approach with a solid inbound marketing strategy, you’ll end with delighted customers—who will tell their friends and colleagues about you.

If doing “the same old thing” in your marketing efforts isn’t giving you the results you want, I’d urge you to sign up for our 12-week Smarketing Development Course. You’ll learn how to get better ROI from inbound marketing, develop a simple, repeatable sales and marketing process, identify decision makers, retain more customers and develop customers who are evangelists for your brand.

The way your customers buy has changed. If you’re not getting the results you want from your sales and marketing efforts, it’s probably time to change the way you reach your customers. We’d love to help you make that happen.

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