sales and marketing alignmentAs the new year begins - many of us are starting to make those dreaded resolutions in order to improve ourselves, our businesses and so forth. We know that if we want to lose weight - it's more about what we STOP doing than what we actually START doing. 

If you haven't made any marketing goals so far for 2014....I've got a few suggestions here about what you need to STOP doing to improve your return on every marketing dollar:

1. Stop making it about you! Today's clients want to know that you are concerend about THEM. Whenever you start to create an email, blog, post card or marketing piece - stop to think about the customer. What do they Want and Need to know from you to make a buying decision? Instead of putting your mission statement on your web site - why not tell them what your mission statement means for them and the service they will receive because of your corporate culture? Instead of showing a photo of your building - why not tell them about the research that goes on under the roof of that building and how it makes your product superior and why? Understand how Traditional marketing has changed. Bottom line - put your clients first!

2. Stop Talking So Much! One of my Mentor's used to tell me - "During client meetings - 2 out of every 3 sentences should be a question."  Think about this...and take note next time you are in a client meeting. Do you go into "presentation mode" before you really understand the client's problem? Are you touting your product before you know if it's really going to help? Get the client to share, think about a solution - can you really make a difference? If so, you will start to create evangelists instead of customers. This is where true growth will be found.

3. Stop doing things the way you've always done them! Customers today are not buying the same way they did 5 years ago. Today's buyer is much more savvy and educated. Odds are they've already been on Google and researched you and your competitors before you've even had a chance to meet with them. This is why - more than ever - your marketing dept and your sales department MUST BE aligned and work smarter to close more business.

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