Marketing today why one and done won%27t get it doneThere’s a lot of talk today about online marketing. And part of that talk revolves around all the new tools that seem to come out weekly as well as things such as automated marketing. All that may lead one to believe that marketing today is as simple as logging on to your computer, hopping on the Internet and pushing a few buttons. The rest will take care of itself—right?

Not so much.

Marketing today is still hard work. Sure, some of the tools make it easier to reach the right people. And some of them make it possible to reach customers you’d never be able to reach before. But there’s still more to successful marketing than pushing a button. Even in the age of digital, online marketing the “one-and-done” approach won’t get it done.

Guess what? That “one-and-done” approach never worked. A lot of companies used to try that approach with older methods. You’d hear businesses complain that they’d “tried direct mail once,” but that it hadn’t worked. That’s because it takes time to build up a reputation—to earn people’s trust. You don’t win trust with a single mailing. You also don’t win it with a single blog or a single email campaign.

You need to have a longer-range strategy. You need to think through what messages your potential clients want and need to hear. And you need a plan for putting it our there regularly in a way that they can access it—and respond to it.

Having a great website is absolutely essential for marketing today. But you can’t just put it together and fill it with information one time and hope people will tumble onto it. You’ve got to keep it fresh. You’ve got to add new content. You’ve got to continue addressing the new questions your potential clients are asking.

Your website can be a powerful marketing and lead generation tool. But it won’t happen with a “one-and-done” approach. If you’d like more information about how to turn your website into a lean, mean, lead generation machine, download our free 5 Essential Steps to Generating Leads using your Website whitepaper now.

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