Depositphotos_5999250_originalSometimes people think of sales and marketing as the same thing. They’re not. They have different goals and use different methods to accomplish their objectives.

But sales and marketing need to work together if you want to get the kind of results that will grow your business. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

What sometimes happens is that the marketing people work to create leads for the sales people to follow up on. Too often, however, the sales people will say that the leads they’re getting from marketing just aren’t good. They’re not quality leads. They are simply names (along with phone numbers and maybe email addresses) of people who really aren’t the ideal customers. And they’re just not interested in talking to a sales person. As a matter of fact, following up on these “leads” feels a lot like cold calling.

Marketing people, on the other hand, often feel like the sales people aren’t following up on the leads they provide. And they too often feel like they don’t get the feedback from sales that they need to generate better quality leads.

Sales and Marketing should be pulling together on the same rope! Together they should identify what common characteristics and traits make up a qualified lead. It requires some thinking and research because what they really need is more than just income level, gender, or age. They need to know what these potential customers are looking for—what problems and issue they need to solve. Then marketing can create content that draws the right kind of people in.

Marketing needs to use great content to initiate contact with potential customers and to qualify them (How serious are they? Do they really want/need the product or service our company offers? Can they afford what we sell? Will our product solve their problems?). When marketing knows those answers then they can pass the information over to sales.

Then the sales team needs to close the loop and give marketing feedback on how the leads are turning out. Are they getting the right kind of people? Are the leads ready to talk? Is marketing getting them the kind of information that makes it easier for the sales team to do their job?

Having the sales and marketing teams work together results in something we like to call “Smarketing.” If you’d like to take a more in-depth look at how to bring sales and marketing together to get great results, check out our Smarketing Development Webinar Series.

You’ll be able to accomplish so much more when your teams work together—and you’ll get the results you really want.

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