If you’re tasked with the responsibility of getting your company’s marketing message out to lighting representatives, electrical distributors and A/V professionals, you know it’s challenging to get someone’s attention in the first place – and even more so persuade them to take action. 

hearingpicture.pngSometimes companies try the equivalent of “online shouting”: They use brighter colors, bigger fonts or offer larger discounts. But too often the real problem is that companies are not telling prospects what they really want to know.

In marketing parlance, it’s what known as focusing on features rather than on benefits. It’s an easy mistake to make. You talk about the quality, capabilities and physical characteristics of the products you sell. Maybe you even talk about other characteristics, such as longevity or price. All of that may be important stuff, but your prospective clients want to hear about the benefits to them. How are you going to make their life easier or less stressful? How are you going to make their decisions easier? How are you going to save them money over the long haul?

Product benefits are much more important to prospects than whether your products are made out of the newest materials or use the latest technologies. Those things do matter, but only in terms of how it will make their lives better.

The same is true with the services you provide. Your prospects can probably buy what they need from a variety of sources. Why should they choose you? It’s not that you’ve been in business the longest (although that can be a plus) or that you’re centrally located. It’s whether you have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help them find solutions that work for them.

Of course, that means you have to know who your prospective clients are—and create your marketing messages to speak to their specific needs. One way to do that is to create a buyer persona for each of your major client types. This will help you understand who you’re talking to and what they need from you in the way of information. If you’d like to see what that looks like, you can download a free buyer persona template right here

Don’t bombard prospects with messages they don’t want to hear. Figure out who your potential customers are and what they need to know—and then craft your messages to tell them what they want to hear. If you need help, we’re only a phone call or an email away!


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