You may already have a nice website. Maybe you’ve even checked the traffic on your site and found out that you actually get people visiting your site. But that’s where it ends. They’re not sticking around and they’re not interacting with you.

Inbound Marketing is about more than getting people to your website. You want to turn those visitors into leads—and eventually customers. But if you don’t get these people to interact with you somehow that’s just not going to happen. What can you do to get your visitors to do something with you—to interact with you and tell you who they are?

5_Ways_to_Get_Potential_Clients_Here are 5 simple but effective ideas. 

  1. Post an Interview: Record a brief interview with an industry expert. It can be someone local, but it should be someone who can offer insight that will help your customers. You could even make it a series of short interviews. At the end, ask for feedback. Was it helpful? What else would your listeners like to hear? Ask for contact information so you can get back to them (and then DO it!).
  1. Give a Demo: If you have a product or service, post a short video of how it works. Don’t make it a sales pitch. Make it informational, interesting, and helpful. Again, ask for feedback. Did it help them understand how your product or service works? What additional information would be helpful? Ask for contact information. 
  1. Offer a “How-To” or a Checklist: This could be something like “10 Steps to Building a Better Mousetrap,” or “Make Sure You Check these 6 Things Before You Start Your Next Project.” Make it a PDF they can print out and make sure it has your logo and contact information on it. 
  1. Offer an eBook: Don’t let the “book” part of that scare you. Offer a downloadable PDF of several pages that educates potential clients and provides them with helpful information. You don’t have to give away your “secret sauce” but you should give them helpful, valuable information—information that demonstrates you’re an expert in this particular area. Have them provide contact information in order to download this eBook. 
  1. Present a Seminar or Webinar: If you have information that could help your potential clients be more successful, offer a seminar in which you present it. You could do it at your office (which allows you to meet people personally) or you could do it online using something like Keep it short and informative. Show them (again) that you are an expert in your field. Have them provide their contact information in order to participate. Remind them that it’s free. 

Pick any one of those options and see how it works to get people to do more than just read the information on your homepage. Get them to interact with you.

If you’d like more information about how to use your website to generate leads that result in customers, download our free 5 Essential Steps to Generating Leads Using Your Website whitepaper.

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